Chez Bippy x ZANE


Pack a picnic and grab your kit now.


Shopping at bix box stores might be easy, but there are many independent brands utilizing goods made by hand right here on Canadian soil. Take for example Chez Bippy Shop and Greenhouse Juice, born and bred in Toronto, and made by hand for you ethically and sustainably. 
ZANE, Chez Bippy Shop, and Greenhouse have created a Picnic Kit to get you through the summer one park day at a time. Each kit contains a large tote, blanket, catch all pouch, vegan chocolate bar, and bottle opener hand picked by the stylists at ZANE 
The Chez Bippy X ZANE Picnic Kit is not only a necessity for picturesque park days, but every purchase supports local business and ethical production. The Greenhouse 75% Cocoa Bar containing sustainably sourced single origin Trinidadian cocoa will provide you with a guilt free treat as you lounge on your handmade gingham blanket. The upcycled vintage bottle openers will help keep you hydrated as you lounge in the sun sipping kombucha, or perhaps something stronger -did someone say Bellwoods? 


Oversized Tote

Gingham picnic blanket

Cocoa bar

Contrast gingham zip pouch

Vintage bottle opener