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The newest frame from Shevoke is the vintage frame of our dreams. Feline, feminine and fresh. Meet The Monroe.


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What to Wear When The Ball Drops

What to Wear When The Ball Drops


New Years is your chance to sparkle. 

Pair our favourite statement earrings with a sparkly lid and glossy lip. Nothing is too much in our mind as we ring in 2018.





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SIGNETS: for your pinky, pointer or pretty much any finger

SIGNETS: for your pinky, pointer or pretty much any finger


The signet ring is a staple. More substantial than our favourite stacking rings this piece is a must. The classic signet can be engraved for the ultimate personalization. Check out the contemporary twists on the style by Wolf Circus and Melanie Auld.


Gold and Silver Signet rings by Wolf Circus, Melanie Auld and Principle Goods

Gold and Silver Signet rings by Wolf Circus, Melanie Auld and Principle Goods

Gold and Silver Signet rings by Wolf Circus, Melanie Auld and Principle Goods

Gold and Silver Signet rings by Wolf Circus, Melanie Auld and Principle Goods

Gold and Silver Signet rings by Wolf Circus, Melanie Auld and Principle Goods





Melanie Auld Signet Ring : $75

Wolf Circus Matisse Ring : $134

Wolf Circus Femme Ring : $134

Wolf Circus Rough Signet Ring : $134

Principle Goods Signet Ring : $95-$395


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Quiz: Gold or Silver—What Does Your Favorite Say About You?

Quiz: Gold or Silver—What Does Your Favorite Say About You?

Whether you’re a sucker for the warm yellow tones of gold or the icy cool feel of silver—or both—jewelry is a key element to express your look. Open your calculator app and add up your points to find out what your favorite metal says about you!




The Results Are In...


Golden Grace: 14 to 40 points

Warm and loving to your friends and family, you’re not always the most approachable to newcomers. But when you do let someone in, it usually leads to a long-lasting and valuable relationship. Not one to make rash decisions, you carefully weigh the pros and cons before coming to any conclusion making you the perfect confidant. Trends may come and go, but you stay true to style… which is vintage meets designer. Whatever your day may entail, you are certain that your favourite low block heel can get you through it—a bootie-loving-mule kind of gal. Announced by your fragrance, you’re a one scent wonder baby; people know it’s you before you even set foot into the room. As much as you love to start your night off with bubbles, you’re most often caught ordering a fine vintage off the wine list. But don’t get it twisted! You’re not afraid to end your night with a dirty martini… or two. All in all, you’re a classic; you believe in investing where it matters most. It’s been working for you, so why change a winning formula?

Shop gold here.

Mixed Majesty: -13 to 13 points

You’re one to make the first move and initiate conversation. Your bold and bright personality is evident to those surrounding you. Sometimes you may come off as brazen, but people ultimately appreciate your transparency and upfront nature. Finding a balance between the extremes within your character can be tiring; however, you’re never afraid to make mistakes. An early adopter and risk taker, you’re often ahead of the trend. Breaking conventional style rules and reinventing classics have always been where you feel most at home. No matter where you’re going, you can rock a stiletto as effortlessly as a sneaker. You found your perfect fragrance… but twice. As extreme as all your other tastes, the two perfumes you rock on rotation could not be further apart. Straight to the bar, a single tequila shot sans lime always gets your evening rolling. Then, you slowly sip the night away on a stiff scotch on the rocks. All in all, you’re a style daredevil who loves to have fun with the way you express yourself. No look is set in stone, so you like to mix and match all metals for a look that only you can pull off.

Mix your metals here.


Silver Sovereign: -40 to -14 points

You’re a social butterfly. Never afraid to make new connections or add a friend to your contact list, you blend well with all personality types and can adapt to any social setting. Steer clear from other people’s drama as you can easily get caught up in things that are not worth your time and energy. You’re high street chic—constantly pulling inspo from your favourite bloggers. Day to night, your go-to slides never fail to keep you comfortable but on trend. Always on the hunt for a scent that best defines you, you’re not loyal to any one bottle; you like to play the field when it comes to fragrances. When you’re out and about, your order is, without a doubt, the cocktail that best fits into your Instagram feed. That being said, you’re never one to sacrifice taste for aesthetic. All in all, you’re a contemporary woman who is always open to newness but knows that the icy, cool tones of silver were made for you.

Shop silver here.

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Circling Back To Our Favourite Trend: HOOPS

Circling Back To Our Favourite Trend: HOOPS


This summer and flowing right into fall hoops are still at the forefront of every shoot, blog, style story and at the top of your wishlist. We fully support this easy statement earring because of the style variety it offers. From boho to minimalist, hoops are the earrings to quickly convert your style into exactly what you want to portray in that moment.

gold hoop inspiration

Hoop inspiration images

gold hoop inpsiration

We know, we know, we're dying for a pair too. Head over to our top 5 picks and choose your pair.


Want more style stories? Check out the ones below!

Full Moon Style

Sunnies for Dummies: A Sunglasses Style Guide

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Full Moon Style

Full Moon Style


In astrology it is believed to represent our mood and emotions, influencing our feelings and how they affect the people around us.


Moon And Star Threaders

moon and star threaders-amarilo

Amarilo gives you the best of both worlds with these delicately feminine earrings. Made with subtle threader chain and a tiny moon and star charm.

Moon And Star Rings

seoul little moon and star rings
A delicate band adorned with a 24K-plated or surgical steel charm. Choose a moon or a star to decorate your digits. Wear them on their own or stacked with your favourite bands.

Moon And Star Studs

seoul little moon studs
Add a twinkle to your ears with tiny crescent moons or mini stars by Seoul Little. Mix and match or wear them as a pair.

Saros Hoops

saros hoops-jenny bird
Balance yourself with Jenny Bird's modern twist on a classic hoop and stud.

Star Jacket Earrings

seoul little star jacket earring
Double the star power with this pair of earrings. A tiny star sits on top and another hugs your lobe.
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SUNNIES FOR DUMMIES: A Sunglasses Style Guide

SUNNIES FOR DUMMIES: A Sunglasses Style Guide

Featuring Shevoke + Le Specs + Spitfire
Sunglasses have traditionally been categorized by the shape of the frame (i.e. wayfarers, aviators, cateyed, round). While this system of sunglass nomenclature may be categorically convenient for those with a “one-frame-fits-all” philosophy, there are many other variables to consider when choosing the perfect pair of sunnies - especially for those of us who are style and shape versatile. Some of us prefer to pick sunnies based on mood and style. Here are a couple different categories we like to consider when shopping for our next perfect pair.



Cleopatra, Caliente, Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses by Le SpecsCleopatra, Caliente sunglasses by Le Specs

The SAUCY - Retro-glam frames for a fashionable and feminine look. Perfect for Sunday brunch and window-shopping. 


Teddy Boy, Ottoman by Spitfire and Le SpecsKatoch, Ottoman by Le Specs

The STAPLE - Timeless, versatile frames with a monochromatic palette. Perfect for daytime casual looks... or anytime really.

The Chloe by ShevokeThe Chloe by Shevoke

The SPECTACLE - Super sized frames for super sized fun! A pair of oversized frames with tinted lenses are perfect for summer music festivals or a trip to the amusement park. 




The SARTORIAL - Find yourself a pair of bold, well-fitted frames that effortlessly bring structure to eccentric street style looks. Sport these shades with your Sunday Best when strolling round the city (or wherever you're bound to be seen).

Find your style here

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Statement Season: Top 5 Statement Earrings

Statement Season: Top 5 Statement Earrings

Make a statement this summer with our top SS17 picks.
Earrings that pack a punch when worn with a simple white tee or add movement to that evening slip dress. Some of our favourite Toronto labels, Jenny Bird and Michelle Ross, are at the forefront of this season's trend. Here’s our top 5 earrings that are ready to up the anti on your summer style. 

Icon Hoop by Jenny Bird

Noa Earring by Michelle Ross

Edie Hoops by Jenny Bird

Ariel Earring by Jenny Bird

Zenith Earring by Jenny Bird

CLICK TO SHOP these picks and more.

Check out our style tips in HOW TO WEAR STATEMENT EARRINGS

Are Hoops your fav? Check out our top 5 Hoops






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STATEMENT SEASON: How to Wear Statement Earrings

STATEMENT SEASON: How to Wear Statement Earrings

Featuring Michelle Ross and Jenny Bird
When selecting pieces for your SS17 wardrobe, your shopping list has to include a pair of statement earrings. As seen on the street and on the runway, statement earrings are a simple way to elevate your style this season, and the variations are endless: from dangly and shiny to geometric and layered (and everything in between), there’s a pair of statement earrings to suit every look and any situation. 
Shop statement earrings here!
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