Spotlight: A look at Toronto's Michelle Ross's Jewellery Designs

Toronto-born and bred jewellery designer Michelle Ross has the statement earrings we are dying to wear this summer. Her designs are simultaneously elegant and unconventional and handmade from her studio in Toronto's Distillery District. 
Her pieces are more than just accessories. They can be the focal point of any outfit.  One does not simply throw on a pair of Ross earrings as a mere afterthought: they are always the star of the show, and never the understudy. 
Ross seamlessly blends contemporary and vintage materials, using unique finishings and bold geometric shapes. Distinct and refined in their style, each piece feels individually crafted and special.


The Tash Earrings by Michelle Ross

The Noa Earring by Michelle Ross

The Odina earrings by Michelle Ross and Warp sunglasses by Spitfire

The Odina Earrings by Michelle RossFeatured Products:
Michelle Ross Nadia Earrings in Brass
Michelle Ross Noa Earrings in Silver-Brass
Michelle Ross Odina Earrings in Brass and Silver
Michelle Ross Tash Earrings in Silver-Brass
Spitfire Warp Sunglasses 
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