STYLE: Talia Shipman

STYLE: Talia Shipman

Talia Shipman

Toronto photo based artist talks style, confidence and picks her favourite pieces from the shop.

How do you use style to express your individuality and self-confidence?

I had an interior designer mother and my grandparents are from France, so I’ve always been conscious of style and aesthetics. I moved to NYC for a few years where I was actually quite good at shooting fashion photography, in an artistic way. In University, my work was always very politically conscious, but I guess had this underlying inherent fashion style that my professors encouraged. I really liked aspects of shooting fashion and editorial, but didn’t totally feel connected with the industry and scene. A lot of art and fashion coincide.

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In terms of my own style, I like to look good, but ultimately I really like to be comfortable. These days I’d call my style, “Pajama chic” haha. Literally if I could go out in my PJ’s and just throw on heels at night to dress it up, I would. If I’m shooting, I have long hours and need to be comfortable, but with all the social media, the “behind the scenes” are often getting shot as well. It all goes back to that idea of balance. I work in an industry that is conscious of aesthetics and it makes me feel good when I look good. Whether I’m shooting on set or location, or building sculptures out of resin and blow torching in my studio, my style has to vary extremely to accommodate that. Boots! I love them; I’m a boot girl through and through. Summer, winter, fall, spring – BOOTS! 


For jewelry, I’ve always liked chunkier statement pieces, which is definitely an influence from my mom. I always wear earrings and rings. I go through style phases, but earrings are a constant – I feel naked without them. The Hoop has been a funny thing that has come in and out of my life. At some point I stopped wearing hoops and then recently I’ve been super back in the hoop game. Now that they’re on trend there’s all these unique versions of them with little identifying details. I love when something simple is done well.

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October 27, 2017 by ZANE .