A Day With Jess Undecided


*This was supposed to be a Spring story*


Jess stops by to pick out her favourite items for what was intended to be a Spring 2016 story. Instead, we woke up to an April snowfall ... 



Jess is photographed with the 


Meli Melo Medium Thela Bag in Tan
Karen Walker Helter Skelter in Tortoise
Brixton Wesley in Black 

We sat down with the Toronto blogger to ask a few questions about the city, food, music and what she's most looking forward to this summer.  



What is your favourite intersection in the city?

When I was younger I would spend a lot of time in Yorkville just because it’s where all my friends were. Growing up and having left the city I love going to the intersection that Quantum is on. If I’m right that would be King and Spadina.


Is there a certain reason that you’re always drawn to that spot?

Honestly, it’s mostly because of food. There are so many food places around that area that I am always craving. You know, there’s Portland variety, there’s Gusto and Bar Bucca. I also like Quantum and tried the place next to it called Weslodge recently. If you’re a meat lover it’s actually quite good. Their menu is a little different because they focus on large portions, so you’d order a 30-ounce pork chop and share it along with a bunch of sides.


Where did you last eat? 

Most of the time I’m at Terroni Adelaide. If anyone is ever like, ‘hey let’s grab lunch,’ Terroni is always my go-to. Tonight I am going to the Drake One Fifty.


Awesome, and what songs do you have on repeat right now?

Honestly, I am not a very interesting person when it comes to music. I am actually a country music lover. It's such a hidden love of mine because I just don’t talk about music.





I would have never guessed! Who is your favourite country artist?

Right now it’s Brett Kissel, I love his new album. I loved Eric Church and Luke Bryan for years because that’s what I listened to in University and I’ve been to Erich Church’s concert.


I saw the Luke Bryan video on YouTube and he always does this dance …

Yeah it’s pretty aggressive…


It’s very racy. 

Florida Georgia Line is the band you’re going to listen to if you want to get a party started, and also Sam Hunt has been really popular recently. I think he is kind of bridging between pop and country like Luke Bryan. I think they’re the ones who are really making country music popular.


I think Blake Shelton is hilarious.

Oh, he has some good music too! Wait, don’t him and Gwen have a baby … I don’t know, I saw it on a magazine. It might be a tabloid.



What is your favourite coffee in the city?

I love Pilot Coffee. Their tasting bar is a really great experience if you haven’t done it before. They're a Toronto coffee roaster and they get their beans from all over the world. They sell in different coffee shops around the city but also have their own location on Wagstaff. It’s pretty out of the way, so you’d have to make a trip of it. It's a whole tasting bar where you can try their coffee made in different ways. They just released a cold brew, it'll be available in stores soon – this weekend actually.

I also love Sorry and Dineen.


What are your top three local instagram accounts to follow? 

Julia Mateian (@juliamateian) is one. I also just discovered this girl from Hamilton! Her feed is beautiful. She spent some time in Scotland for a while and then came back. She does the warm tones really well, which isn’t always easy (Jennifer Elizabeth jenniferelizabeth_).

I also just met this guy (John Roberts @lionandgoose). He’s Australian, just moved to the city, and has a beautiful feed. He shoots using Olympus.


Are there any artists, brands or businesses that you look up to in Canada? 

Yes, Jennifer Torosian, she’s a clothing designer and has her showroom in Chinatown. I also like Lisbeth Jewellery. The designer’s name is Sophie Alden. She’s originally from Vancouver but moved to Toronto a few years ago.


What about summer are you most looking forward to?

Patios and Jays games. I just love the city when you can be outside, and that feeling of elation when the sun is out.


Absolutely. If you’re planning a big night out, whatever that means to you, what do you do and where do you go?

I’m pretty last minute with those things. I don’t have many nights off where I can do that, so usually it’s unplanned. I don’t live in the city, so if I decide to go out I’ll usually get a hotel room because it isn’t worth the sixty-dollar Uber back home. I like to go for dinner somewhere like Terroni or Gusto. I don't like the clubs, as you can tell from my music choices…FYI I haven’t been to that new country bar. I usually end up at an Irish Pub. My boyfriend is in the beer industry, so he is really particular about his beer. Anyways, really chill, we’ll usually just wander the streets until we find somewhere we want to go into.



When you want to get out of the city where do you go?

Like in Canada or …



Well, I am going to Italy! When we were planning we were deciding between Italy and Iceland. We had two weeks, which felt a bit long for Iceland, so we decided on Italy. We’re doing northern Italy, flying into Rome and doing Siena, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Verona, Venice and Trieste.



On that note … while Jess is in Italy we'll be here waiting for the real spring to finally show up.