Josh Ingleby | Motion Designer


Can you give us a little intro into who you are and what you do?

Josh: I am a motion designer. I work in 3D animation with a background in cine- matography. I went through film school then transitioned to advertising. Now I really have been working in the world of 3D animation. My focus is to bridge the digital world into the physical. Moving into making things tangible. How can I bring some of my expertise in that world into art in- stallations.

When Zane approached you about doing something what were the preliminary ideas behind it? What was the inspiration?

Josh: A large part of it was doing something with color and that was inviting. I wanted to add color to the street. The purpose is obviously to garnish some attention to look at the store front, but, I think it’s more to just connect with people. I wanted something playful and inviting which is really what Queen St kind of represents and the charm of it.


Where is your favorite intersection in the City?

Josh: Its gotta be that strip across Bellwoods or the strip going across CAMH. Theres such an eclectic mix of people. Actually I’ll pin point a bit more about CAMH. As you’re walking west along Queen there is that ‘YOUVE CHANGED’ sign. For the longest time I thought it was a condescend- ing thing. I thought it was a street art thing and that it was negative like ‘you’ve changed’ as you normally hear it. Then finally it clicked that it was associated with CAMH, it changed the whole meaning for me. Whenever I walk past it now it’s a bit uplifting as i see it.


Are there any local artists or brands or designers you look up to?

Josh: Douglas Copeland, was probably my first contemporary Canadian artist that I really paid attention to at a young age. From his books, through installations that he has done, I’ve admired his work. Putting Canadiana in an interesting spotlight, reinterpreting it and presenting it to it’s own people. I think it’s got a lot of charm.

When you first started did you have a mentor?

Josh: No, I think so much of my career has just been one step at a time. Taking challenges that you’re interested in taking and figuring out how to resolve it. There are always people that you idolize, but no, I wish I had a mentor at certain parts, haha. So much of my focus has been trial and error and like leaps to just tackle things that are intriguing and unknown. That ongoing quest to continue exploring is the motivation behind it.

Speaking of trial and error, are there any monumental failures that you specifically remember?

Josh: There’s certainly always late nights and moments of total doubt. Those aren’t usually an issue when you’re trying to do something for yourself or your own art because you set the whole finish line. However that occurs when it’s a client based project that’s maybe on a tighter deadline where you can’t just explore endlessly. In the end it always works out and no one knows what it was supposed to be. I think every artistic or creative challenge has a certain amount of that in it, where you need to let go of some of the things that maybe didn't go as planned or champion the things that did come out well.

Do you have a favorite Project?

Josh: I think the ongoing project. As of now it’s been this project. In the last couple of years there have been other projects that take that place while you are figuring it out. Then once they’re done it’s rewarding and it’s great but you kind of want the thrill of exploring again. Then the new project will present itself that you’re eager about and that becomes the infatuation for the time being.