What got you into wanting to design bags?

Tibere: First of all I’ve got three siblings 2 are in the same things. So I think its got something to do with our upbringing.

 All boys?

Tibere: No uh I got 2 sisters one brother. My brother is in Berlin, he goes around and gets old school uh 'bleuse' and clothing. And My sister is in paris and she has her own jewelry line. And the third one she’s not into design but she probably could have been.

Creative bunch!

Tibere: Yeah yeah kind of. And about getting into it honestly I dunno it was really gradual. I think one think that kinda like got me going towards the direction of leather is store called ABK in uh Manhattan, her name is Alia and she makes bags and I just went to her store and it’s just all leather and tools.

You got excited.

Tibere: I got excited yeah. I’m like I have to I have to try this. So yeah yeah I think that’s what got me into leather.

Cool. Did you grow up in the city?

Tibere: I grew up in Paris.

Oh ok!

Tibere: Yeah I was born in Paris we moved with my family when I was 11 yeah.

So you’re Canadian…

Tibere: Yeah… half

Whats your east end local coffee shop you like?

Uhhh there’s this one near my house uhhh I don’t even know its name. Its right on Riverdale right on Riverdale park right across from the park. Sorry I don’t know the name haha.

As you’ve kind of been playing with leather and finding your own voice with making bags and focused aesthetic are there any designers locally or internationally that inspire you? Something that you look up to?

Tibere: Well I think I’ve always been into the sort of minimalist structured look. But uh bags that I really like like Mansur Gavriel. I mean their stuff is really good. Building block is cool. I really like… its not really like what I do but I really like what Hoi Bo is doing. She’s uh she’s like a true designer. She really cares… SEEMS like seems like I’ve never actually met her… but she seems to really care about the process. Soo yeah that’s top of my head.

So lets say in the past year you’ve been doing this for a little bit going through production and testing and working with leather and kind of refining your bags. What’s kind of one thing that you think that you’ve learned or something that you can take away and was a big kind of turning point in refining the finishing of your product?

Tibere: To not make mistakes. What I used to not do was go through the steps. Sketching. Paper maquette, bonded leather maquette, and then real maquette. I used to go straight for the leather. I just wanna get to the end to the finish product.

So more methodical… going through the right procedures and steps to get to the final product.

Tibere: Yeah definitely. That’s what definitely has saved me some time.

So you basically started designing for women being a man.

Tibere: Well actually the idea was to make bags for men originally. And somehow, I dunno what happened, I hadn’t even realized it. I think women around me just started asking for bags and I just started making women’s bags.

So it was just a natural progression nice. So you make them all yourself have you ever injured yourself or have there been any close calls?

Tibere: The most stupid thing? Definitely a nice thorough gash in the thumb. A gash yeah.

So you had a mentor that sort of help you refine your trade or?

Tibere: No um no all me. I mean I apprenticed shoe making originally with Nassair Vice* so he makes bespoke shoes he’s on broadview and queen east. I also apprenticed with Delvaux which is a Belgian brand in Vietnam for 6 months.

So with someone who is really making handcrafted old school shoes and those materials is there something that you took away from that type of creating and kind of modernized your bags or brought to your contemporary, minimal vibe.

Tibere: With the shoes definitely I got to learn the different qualities of leathers, different types of leathers and details really. Details like stitching methods Norwegian stitch etc.

More technical

Tibere: Yeah more technical things.

Stuff you might not ever use in bags but is nice to take back.

If you had a woman you were designing for that would embody your brand. Who would she be? If there was a celebrity?

Tibere: Haha I would have to know somebody who was famous.

Maybe not the actual person and their look but their character and traits that you feel align with your bags.

Tibere: I feel like my bags are between classic and casual. That semi casual chick. She can be casual one day and you know classy the next I feel like my bags can transition.

Casual to classy

Tibere: That’s how I feel about my bags.


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