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Designer Profile | Valley

“A refraction of light, a direction to darkness”     

 | Valley eyewear

                         Valley is about honing your own identity in the sunglasses you wear. We know how it gets super overwhelming picking the trim that best fits your face structure. Valley eyewear is your answer to most of your problems at least most of your sunglass-related problems.

What we find most interesting is Valley’s sheer range - you can get your hands on perky geometrical trims or cop one of their raw aesthetics from the contemporary collection.

Frames that capture understated detailing while holding on to bold silhouettes. 

Valley clocking in at precise iconic sunglasses

Blending into your safe aesthetic with an extensive collection of unisex sunglasses is what makes Valley Eyewear stand out as a reliable sunglass brand. A collector will for sure have, to say the least, a pair of Valley in their cabinet.

Superior quality meets high-fashion standards in cuts making you exude natural confidence and grandeur once you have them on. 


Talk to us about how it began

Valley eyewear was founded in a little garage studio by a sweet couple Michael Crawley and his wife Tenielle back in 2011 somewhere on the east coast of Australia (tbh, not that long ago). The rest is history, the label has pushed limits and has consistently surpassed superior quality standards in making fashion-forward sunglasses and eyewear.

Cut to today, Valley eyewear is huge in the eyewear space - made by hand and quite honestly exceeding most of our expectations in style offerings. This has pressed us to bring Valley eyewear in-store for you to indulge and fall in love. 


Valley eyewear has won us over just purely based on how easy and fun it is to feel confident and make a statement with sophisticated frames that can be attained at affordable price points without going way too overboard. 

It’s Fall going into Winter, why are you talking to me about Sunglasses?

Hey, that’s a fair question but aside from borderline collector obsession, Valley eyewear’s smooth transition to fall trims to cool breezy winter-appropriate frames will have your eyes UV protected. 

It can’t get functional than this but their fashion-forward frames just call out to us as a must-have. 

Valley… or?

There is definitely no shortage of unique pieces but what Valley doubles down on is promising quality. 

We can’t reiterate this enough, but here quality is held up to unmatched standards and Valley gets that. Individually crafted by hand followed by checking against meticulous standards keeps Valley consistent on quality across their collections.

Their frames are made from some of the finest metal like titanium and one-off, scrupulously hand-selected acetates. Valley produces pieces with an alluring sense of authenticity and confidence. 

With high standards in trims coupled with lock-tight screws for longevity, each pair stands the test of time.


When we talk about the meticulous standards we mean it, there is absolutely no leeway around it. Each pair passing through approximately 25 hands for quality assurance. This then leads to careful consideration and critique by an Australian design team. Then finally lands in our store for you to get in touch with your true confidence with Valley’s top-in-class eyewear. 

Valley has you covered when it comes to truly unique and authentic pieces that moulds right in with your personal groove. 

Check out our carefully curated Valley collection here 


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