Fresh Tangerine

We could not be more thrilled to show you our new line of dainty, delicate, stackable, mix and matchable jewelry. Everyone loves to have those everyday pieces that you feel special and comfortable in. We have found a brand for you and we can’t wait to see how you guys feel about it.

Fresh Tangerine. Every piece is handmade in Seattle out of 14k gold fill and sterling silver. Using gold fill and sterling silver means it will not tarnish or discolor with wear…HALLELUJAH. This is a young contemporary brand creating exactly what you are looking for using meaningful manufacturing and at a price that is accessible for everyone. This is a brand you are made to have fun with. Priced in a sweet spot where you can get excited about adding new pieces to your collection and growing your stack. Treating yourself with a little style here and there is actually doable with Fresh Tangerine.

As a brand they focus on being more than just jewelry designers. They take into account your lifestyle and all aspects of you as an individual. They are relevant in today’s social scene, similar to you, by being conscious minded women passionate about travelling in their leisure time and involved in current issues such as women’s rights and emotional well being.

We are enthusiastically adding Fresh Tangerine to our family of brands here at ZANE. Come visit us and play around and find your pieces or peruse the online page here.

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