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Anthony Where Are you Off to?


Anthony has got his priorities set straight.

He’s got his trusty ol’ Rains MSN Cargo Bag pack in Slate which is 100% waterproof, with two front cargo pockets and carabiner closures. So we know he is out and about to have an eventful day. 

He is ready to take on, slipping into his super convenient, ultra-soft Rains quilted laptop case finished with soft velvet-like lining, just in case there’s work emergency.

Larsson&Jennings Vivid Polished gold link watch is giving the right amount of subtle elegance that strikes as a contrast to the suave overtone.


Anthony is fully prepped up and in motion heading towards his destination!

Jumping gates?! was not in the itinerary, it is a good thing he’s got his Rains backpack secured on him. He literally has got nothing to worry about.

Anthony jumping gates

And finally we meet Imani, we are going to dissect her fit in the next episode. Be sure to check out the second collection in our new “In Motion” series.

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