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Gluu | Discussing the value of goods in the circular economy.

Host and speaker Zane Aburaneh is proud to be bringing together a group of Canadian fashion industry leaders on February 15th to discuss sustainability in the local economy.  

Moderated by the amazing Casie Stewart (Content creator and digital media expert)

Connect with our panel of guest speakers featuring Inder Bedi (Bedi Studios), Amanda Cosco (Electric Runway), Nada Sheperd (Resuit).

Guests will enjoy an interactive Q&A about how we can improve sustainability in fashion through working within a circular economy. Main topic of interest based around how we can maintain value of goods through restoration and regeneration.

There will be an exciting presentation following the panel discussion highlighting a new offering to retailers and benchworkers - a gamechanger in the industry.

All guests are invited to stay for a final Q&A and the chance to connect with each other with beverages sponsored by Wilda Bee-Friendly Natural Spritzers and snacks provided by George Brown College.

We look forward to hosting you!


Moderator | Casie Stewart
Co-Host of Cast of Creators 
Casie Stewart is an award-winning content creator and expert in digital media. Documenting her life since 2005 via her blog ‘This is My Life,’ she’s been at the forefront of brand storytelling through influencer marketing. Casie started her social media career at MuchMusic & MTV Canada and has run social campaigns & brand partnerships for many top-tier brands. She is represented by the National Speakers Bureau of Canada, co-hosts the Cast of Creators podcast, is an advisor with Hvr Browser, and manages social & culture for Funday Agency. 
Guest | Amanda Cosco
Founder of Electric Runway
Through Electric Runway, Amanda has reported from the front lines of every stage of the fashion supply chain, from garment factories in Bangladesh to the front row at New York Fashion Week. She has delivered keynote presentations to several international delegations on fashion innovation all over the world. Amanda’s research and reporting on fashion tech have been published by The Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, WWD and more. Amanda has appeared on TV and radio programs including CBC, TVO, and Sirius XM. She lives in Toronto.
Guest | Nada Sheperd
Founder of Resuit
Nada Shepherd is an accomplished creative and business professional with an insider’s knowledge of the fashion industry. She spent 9 formative years studying in the performing and visual arts, achieving a B.Sc. Double Major in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, where she graduated as an Ivey Scholar with Distinction. She also has a Diploma in Fashion Design from The International Academy of Design and Technology, and has spent 18 years in the fashion industry; 10 of those years she was running her own fashion line. Nada’s career is as varied as her experiences, and she has founded and run a number of businesses including ReSuit, an online fit-based clothing sharing app designed to address the myriad impacts of fast fashion, and White Space Shepherds Inc., a boutique consulting firm that provides creative and technology-driven solutions for clients throughout the North American market
Guest | Inder Bedi
Founder of Bedi Studios

We share our world with countless life forms. As humans, we are the sole species on this planet compelled to innovate and create. In addition to connecting and inspiring those around us, creativity should also be sustainable for generations to come. 

BEDI was established in 2019 by Inder Bedi, the creative ethos being driven by the onus of cleaning up and preserving our planet.We create pieces that are grounded in elevated utility whilst contributing to the circular economy- from exceptionally sustainable materials to the tailoring skills of our Canadian makers and finally in creating a second life once an item has reached the end of its present life. The result is a slow collection of precise designs with impeccable detailing.

Thank you for joining our movement as we reshape our future to fulfill our brand promise.





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