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Jenny Bird's Classic Statement Pieces

Isn’t it the best when you've that one go-to jewelry piece that has got your back! 

That one piece or maybe even two (sometimes double is better)? We must NEVER restrain ourselves from exploring a GOOD stack moment

Jenny Bird is what you are looking for to get your accessory game sorted.

We have thoughtfully picked out these classic pieces - so you can take the back seat and rest assured to look FIRE. 

What does your night look like?

A late-night cocktail party or maybe a summer barbecue date? 

We think this is just THE absolute full-proof idea for a fun and classy look execution.

So what you might want to do is throw in this gold-plated Stevie Necklace, to elevate an ordinarily laid-back fit. This piece is the right amount of chunky if you’re wearing a top or a dress with a simple neckline. It just gives a little extra something-something to an otherwise casual look. 



Do we feel a bit more eventful today? Oh yeah, I think we do.

Remember how we spoke about having an unswerving jewelry stack for your fit - looping back to that, YES sometimes double is better!

This gold-plated Bobbi Necklace and the Horseshoe pendant necklace pairs well with boat cuts, crew cuts, or even high-necks. 

 Essentially what the Bobbi necklace does is add a bold dimension to that dainty Horseshoe pendant - it’s the perfect combo. 

What’s even better is they can be worn separately just as well since they each have got the right amount of pizazz.

Quick Layering Tip | You don’t want to wear two or more bold pieces, overcrowding is no fun! It takes the focus off of both your outfit and jewelry, ultimately canceling out each other. 


Headed for a cute brunch day (that you almost forgot about, we’ve all been there)?

You are on the go, your friends are waiting for you, but you also NEED to look effortlessly precious. And yes, Unfortunately we’ve dealt with these situations more than we'd like to admit. 

Coming back, so what would you want to look for on the nightstand in this situation?

Jenny bird’s gold-plated Icon Hoops!



Can’t stress this enough, but these hoops are here to spruce up any outfit.

Finally, you’ve got accessorizing out of the way. Feeling fancier? Help yourself to that Horseshoe pendant necklace from earlier for a classy but understated vibe.

Suggestion | Maybe slick your hair back and bring the focus back to your face with these hoops.

Hope this post finds you at the right time to alleviate any unnecessary accessorizing stress!

You may also like to checkout our Jenny Bird Designer Profile to learn more.

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