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Know Your Neck

Know Your Neck was born from the idea that every person’s neck is unique. Whether it’s finding a chain for a precious family heirloom or adding a necklace to current daily wear, I am excited for every person to discover the contours of their neck and to find the necklaces that best fit their style and identity.

-Zane Aburaneh, owner of Zane


Your neck is your body’s vital hinge.

It is the centre between your head and heart. Gently press two fingers on the side of your neck. That is all it takes to feel your own life.

The skin on your neck is the veil between your inner being and the outside world.

Our necks were designed for adornment. Skin to showcase your identity. The pieces you wear are as much a part of you as your breath.

Your jewelry is the seam between your physical body and your imagination.

Know Your Neck introduces The Zane Tape, a unique lanyard designed by Zane; The Zane Tape is made from genuine leather with silver grommets measuring lengths from 14 to 28 inches. This essential lanyard was designed to help jewelry enthusiasts to know the necklace lengths best suited for their necks. Worn on its own or layered with other pieces, the Zane Tape will be a staple in every jewelry wearers arsenal. 





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