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Let’s Talk Quality | Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird has quite literally taken off | Shattering the norms of jewelry standards and how. 

At Zane we have witnessed Jenny Bird revolutionize firsthand, from the budding stage to now - this dynamic jewelry line.

Honestly, it’s a testament to the brand’s unhinged commitment to showcasing top-in-line quality in all their products.


 Jenny Bird is a local brand based in Toronto.
 Most of Jenny Bird’s design inspiration stems from her experience in an artistic town where she was raised in Elora, Ontario. 







 The Jenny Bird jewelry collection we have in-store is all either rhodium-plated or 14K gold plated. 




 Rest assured Jenny Bird’s jewelry is hypoallergenic.
 This ensures accessibility for all skin types, causing zero risks of skin irritation. 
 Honorable Mention: Jenny Bird’s earring backs are THE best. It’s worth mentioning as earring backs do seem almost irrelevant.   But can as easily ruin it for you if they aren't doing their job right!
 Jenny Bird’s earring backs are 14K gold-dipped brass that snug comfortably behind  your ear. We know how, even trace amounts   of nickel (commonly used for earring backs, watch out) can cause irritability. 



The brand displays high-quality standards in all their pieces. They also strive to maintain that quality quotient so that you know you are investing in an eloquent piece of jewelry that is timeless.

Quick Reminder | Jenny Bird's products are tarnish resistant however we ADVISE you to always remove your jewelry before getting them exposed to water while swimming, bathing, or showering.

You may also like to read a bit more about Jenny Bird here ZANE's Designer Profile | Jenny Bird 


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