SUNNIES FOR DUMMIES: A Sunglasses Style Guide

Featuring Shevoke + Le Specs + Spitfire
Sunglasses have traditionally been categorized by the shape of the frame (i.e. wayfarers, aviators, cateyed, round). While this system of sunglass nomenclature may be categorically convenient for those with a “one-frame-fits-all” philosophy, there are many other variables to consider when choosing the perfect pair of sunnies - especially for those of us who are style and shape versatile. Some of us prefer to pick sunnies based on mood and style. Here are a couple different categories we like to consider when shopping for our next perfect pair.



Cleopatra, Caliente, Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses by Le SpecsCleopatra, Caliente sunglasses by Le Specs

The SAUCY - Retro-glam frames for a fashionable and feminine look. Perfect for Sunday brunch and window-shopping. 


Teddy Boy, Ottoman by Spitfire and Le SpecsKatoch, Ottoman by Le Specs

The STAPLE - Timeless, versatile frames with a monochromatic palette. Perfect for daytime casual looks... or anytime really.

The Chloe by ShevokeThe Chloe by Shevoke

The SPECTACLE - Super sized frames for super sized fun! A pair of oversized frames with tinted lenses are perfect for summer music festivals or a trip to the amusement park. 




The SARTORIAL - Find yourself a pair of bold, well-fitted frames that effortlessly bring structure to eccentric street style looks. Sport these shades with your Sunday Best when strolling round the city (or wherever you're bound to be seen).

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