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Don’t let yourself think there is one type of hoop out there. With different sizes, colours and finishes you can find the style that best suits you. Shop our entire hoop selection now. We have pairs on pairs on pairs waiting to leave our shelves to decorate your ears.  

Here are our top hoop picks to satisfy your style.

icon hoop - Jenny Bird

The Icon hoop is the easiest way to nail this trend. Available in 3 sizes and gold and silver, take your pick or stack a couple together for an iconic look. 

melanie auld modern hoop silver

Designed in collaboration with Cara Jourdan, these hoops are the latest new arrival from Melanie Auld. Available in silver and gold, transition seamlessly from day to night.

Gia Hoop Earring - Wolf Circus

These hoops are scaled to be perfect for everyday wear, yet their thickness adds a punch to the pair. Silver or gold? the choice is yours. 

Nika Hoop Earring - Michelle Ross

The Nika is the most artisanal of our selection. Perfect for adding a subtle touch of boho to your look. This handmade pair is crafted with a textured finish.

gold 10mm hoop earrings - Come Again

These simple sleepers are easy to leave in and forget about for around the clock style. Minimal in design they add easy finish to your look. The 10mm hugs your lobe closely perfect for stacking with the other sizes available. 
... would you look at that! our top picks ended up all being home grown talent! 



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