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Baggu creates products that are intended to have long, useful lives and are designed to minimize waste all while using sustainable materials. Baggu aligns themselves perfectly with our core values at ZANE, making for a strong in-store experience that just keeps growing. Baggu offers a range of bags from fanny packs, travel weekend bags to sport backpacks that lets you move in comfort. 

 The Standard Baggu

The cult classic standard bag by Baggu was designed in 2007 as a solution to the disposable grocery bag. Designed based on the construction of a plastic shopping bag, but made of  lightweight ripstop nylon, and built to hold 2-3 times as much as the typical grocery bag. The result was a reusable bag that’s not only functional and affordable, but also attractive. These handy reusable bags fits right into your pocket when you don't need them and then pops right back, big enough after a grocery hall.    

 The Cloud Bag

It’s the perfect, lightweight multi-purpose bag to take where ever the wind leads you. This bag will secure your laptop, a change of clothes, and whatever else you choose to stuff in.  

Baggu's Sport Backpack is available for a more hand's free mode of transit. We have scouted for the best color options that'll match your spring aesthetic this season. With two exterior zip pockets, this bag keeps things easily accessible, and an interior sleeve keeps your laptop secure.

The mesh bag is perfect for trips to the beach, water, and sand slip right through so you don't have to run the washer too often.


A set of three reusable bags for your wine bottles, or any bottle that requires a bag of its own. It's a great pick for gift-giving, for your weekend trips, or just an evening picnic. Each bag folds into its own flat pouch, with a keychain loop so it'll never slip away.

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