Baggu creates products that are intended to have long, useful lives and are designed to minimize waste while using sustainable materials. On top of Baggu’s commitment to sustainable materials they also have a strong relationship with their manufacturers to ensure ethical and environmentally responsible practices. Baggu aligns themselves perfectly with our core values at ZANE, making for a strong in store experience that just keeps growing. 

The Standard Baggu

The cult classic standard bag by
Baggu was designed in 2007 as a solution to the disposable grocery bag. Designed based on the construction of a plastic shopping bag, but made of  lightweight ripstop nylon, and built to hold 2-3 times as much as the typical grocery bag. The result was a reusable bag that’s not only functional and affordable, but also attractive.    




The Leather Collection 

With similar core values to Baggu’s reusable bag collection, the leather collection is an elevated combination of functionality and aesthetics. From the structured cross body bags to the softness of the perfect tote, there is truly something for everyone within this collection. To top it all off, Baggu’s leather collection is made in the USA to ensure high quality and affordable pricing. 


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