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Riss Memory Tech | Black

Inspired by the quivers worn in traditional horseback archery, the Riss MemoryTech was designed to be worn close to the body, either over the shoulder or across the back. This messenger bag can be comfortably secured in place by tightening a small buckle.

This version of the Riss is styled in a black MemoryTech fabric, so-called after the material's uncanny ability to mold to the touch. The result: a lighter bag that’s comfortable to carry with a smooth sheen and a complementary black lining.

The Riss MemoryTech accommodates devices up to 13” in a padded computer pocket which closes with a magnetic tab, plus a further two integrated pockets for extra storage.

  • color: Black
  • composition: Polyester
  • device: up to 13
  • features: Water Resistant; Device Pocket
  • material: MemoryTech
  • height: 26
  • length: 14
  • width: 47

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Côte&ciel was founded back in 2008 in Paris embodies “THE SPIRIT OF THE REBEL AND THE ESSENCE OF THE ROMANTIC”. Translating from French Côte&ciel means the coast and sky. Essentially passing an essence of how our eyes pull together the two worlds stretching toward each other and creating the horizon. Côte&ciel creates bags that are just as functional as they can get guided by craft and intuition. Made from high-quality fabric Côte&ciel creates unique minimalistic bags making your commute easier.

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