Travel Wallet | Caramel | RFID


Brand Bellroy

CANADA and UNITED STATES | Free Shipping over $100

All your travel essentials are zipped up in one compact space. This compact travel folio holds two passports, eight cards, cash hidden in the back, and don't forget the boarding passes.

Bellroy was founded 10 years ago they are known for designing products to enhance our customers’ everyday experiences. By selecting materials based on a balance of functionality, durability, and ability to age gracefully. Committed to making them environmentally sustainable by using fabrics made from recycled and plant-derived materials, and sourcing leathers with the least environmental impact.

We choose brands based on qualities we value. We select a unique offering of pieces from each collection. Each brand fills a different niche within our store. Our legend exists to better inform you about each one of our brands and products. THE LEGEND - CARE GUIDELINES


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