About Us | ZANE |

In 2010 Zane Aburaneh launched his namesake online store and this is where all the magic began. ZANE | visitzane.com. 

After working in the fashion industry for a decade Zane saw an obscuring gap in the marketplace and took it upon himself to fill that up. As a concept store, 

ZANE maintains the perfect balance that marries three key values quality, worth, and style.

Times have changed as we know it and we are sprucing it up at ZANE to incorporate just that. Getting back into the grind slowly but steadily, it’s all about getting back in motion and having the right things by your side.

We want to grab quickly, move with comfort and, prioritize accessibility all while serving bold statements. 

ZANE has been created this space to simplify your shopping experience. We are consistently working towards making you feel comfortable with everything you have on from sunglasses to the bags you pick for the day. 

The store has been meticulously curated to accommodate your personal aesthetic - ​​ we’ve jumped the gun and gone in first so you don’t have to.

Built envisioning a special experience making the store a stop for a contemporary on-the-go, active lifestyle. With a flair for mixing classic styles with ones right on the edge, Zane Aburaneh has tightly curated his store with a natural flow and sensibility. All the brands that are merchandised at ZANE are thoroughly vetted and we guarantee you that you’ll be taking home something of immense value and love. 

Essentially ZANE operates in a way to provide a guiding hand in your journey to find a piece that’s tailored for you. The very essence of shopping modified into a less stressful more relaxing and therapeutic experience. Everything in the store is put together thinking of products that would bring back the best value for money in their specific category. We want you to get a peek into a little of everything from jewelry, sunglasses to bags and loungewear. 

Here, we believe in shopping and buying locally, and giving back to the community. Most of our featured designers are Canadian talent, handpicked by Zane Aburaneh himself.

We want to help you through your process of finding something you love - you can think of us like a friend who just has an eye for unique pieces tailored for you. We are so stoked to connect with you online or in-person at our Queen West flagship :)

Over the years our iconic black and white, brick and mortar store have become  a premier shopping destination located on Toronto's infamous Queen St West. One thing we believe in is unparalleled customer service and quality assurance. We strive to work with the best designers that Canada and the world have to offer all while keeping our price point attainable.