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Iconic Accessories for a Fashion-Forward Weekend Escape

Iconic Accessories for a Fashion-Forward Weekend Escape

Hey there, this is Natalie to share my fashion styling tips and recommendations for your weekend getaway. I always strive to curate statement-making pieces that effortlessly elevate my style. So, let's dive into my four favourite accessories that will complete your iconic vacation ensemble. 


Biko Mini Sunray Pearl Studs - Silver

Biko Mini Sunray Pearl Studs - Silver

To add a touch of sophistication to your look, I highly recommend adorning the Biko Mini Sunray Pearl Studs. These earrings perfectly capture the feeling when the magical rays burst through a big, gloomy cloud. They bring a pop of brightness to uplift and supercharge your day. Crafted with rhodium plating (one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals) and featuring freshwater pearls, these mini pearly beauties exude elegance and grace. 

Status Anxiety Figure You Out - Chalk

Figure You Out Shoulder Bag - chalk

For a glamorous and modern touch, I suggest carrying the Status Anxiety Figure You Out shoulder bag. It's the perfect hands-free companion for your weekend adventures. With ample room to accommodate all your essentials, including any wallet from our collection. The fancy magnet close flap adds a stylish element, making you want to open and close it just for the thrill of it. Plus, it's made of ethically sourced, sustainable, and premium leather, ensuring durability and eco-conscious style.

Bellroy Classic Weekender 45L

Bellroy Classic Weekender | 45 L | Saltbush

When it comes to functionality, polish, and eco-friendliness, the Bellroy Classic
Weekender 45L is a winner. Its minimalist design in a neutral cream color exudes an offbeat yet elegant vibe. The handy wide-mouth packing design makes it easy to access belongings, organize your essentials, and the three carry modes allow you to switch up your style effortlessly. With internal pockets for convenient packing and made from durable, water-resistant polyester fabric sourced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, this bag is a sustainable and stress-free choice.

These four accessories perfectly make my getaway comfy in motion while offering exceptional style and functionality. The Biko Mini Sunray Pearl Studs add a touch of sophistication, while the Status Anxiety Figure You Out shoulder bag brings a glamorous and modern edge. The Bellboy Classic Weekender 45L ensures your style is both functional and eco-friendly. So, embrace these accessories and let your weekend getaway ensemble reflect your unique fashion-forward flair.


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