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Talia in our Backyard

Talia Shipman

Talia has graced our back doors with a piece from her newest series: 

Between A Rock and A Rock - facilitates conversation about the duality of spaces, attempting to reclaim those that have traditionally been hostile towards womxn. The series’ title is two-fold: coming directly from the term “between a rock and a hard place," which by definition means: in difficulty, faced with a choice between two unsatisfactory options. The images literally depict a naked female form in contact with the rocky desert landscape, while calling to the longstanding popular cultural perception of harsh desert as male-dominated space. This references a common practice in visual art—where the female body is treated as landscape—and in history, which has overlooked womxn and marginalized communities at every turn.

Step into Graffiti Alley and take a peek:

Join Talia at Art Toronto  Between A Rock And A Rock - an installation of select pieces her new photographic series. Presented by Back Gallery Project @ Booth C71

October 26 - 30, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
North Building, Exhibit Hall A & B
255 Front Street West, Toronto

Friday, Oct. 27; 12pm-8pm
Saturday, Oct. 28; 12pm-8pm
Sunday, Oct. 29; 12pm-6pm
Monday, Oct. 30; 12pm-6pm

*Entrance fees and more info on website:

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