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It’s a party for two, featuring Imani


Imani’s black confident silhouette with overlays of neutral color palette is just doing it for her. 

She’s has picked out the perfect accessories to pair with her fit. The dainty streamlined Par Ici Gold discs accentuate her all-black boss fit. 

Sun or no sun, you’ve got to carry your favorite sunglasses when you are on the go. Imani has picked a winner, the Le Spec Unreal frames which gives more structure and brings the fit together in cohesion so effortlessly.  

This is her authentic version of “In Motion”, with Rains City Tote bag that adds in a casual easy-going undertone to her bold radiant look.

You can’t go wrong with this classic tote made with water-resistant lightweight fabric with a matte finish. Fully lined, the bag has one main compartment with a practical inside pocket perfect for being present in the city.

Imani and Anthony have caught up but there's more, where are they headed? Stay tuned for the collection. 

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