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Wolf Circus is a jewelry brand from Vancouver designed by Fiona. Creating pieces for the contemporary woman's style: Statement earrings, everyday studs, delicate layering necklaces, the brand has it all. This collection has something for every occasion and will have you coming back again and again for more. 

Read Fiona discuss her journey as a Canadian designer, her process, inspirations and the Wolf Circus woman.

How did you originally get started in jewelry, and develop your brand as a Canadian jewelry designer?

During university I sensed a gap in the market for attainable luxury jewelry that didn’t fall into the fast fashion category. Initially I thought I would create a small line to share with my friends; I never anticipated it to evolve into the brand it is today.

What inspired the name Wolf Circus?

Wolf Circus is as much about the jewelry as it is about the team behind it. We are a pack of intelligent, driven and unique individuals and I believe the name Wolf Circus reflects that in a playful way.

How do you find the Wolf Circus customer in Vancouver differs from the Wolf Circus Customer in Toronto?

The Wolf Circus woman is on her own mission and moves through her daily hustle with passion and creativity. We are inspired by she who creates, mobilizes and innovates and I think they’re actually really similar girls.

What is ‘the lost wax casting process’ and why is it your preference?

The lost wax casting process allows us to really play with shapes, engravings and sizes whereas fabricating the pieces out of silver is restricted to materials such as wire or sheet metal. The lost wax casting process begins with carving a piece of jewelry out of wax – after this wax is encased by a plaster the wax melts away and either silver or another metal taking its shape. From here we polish each piece.

How did you choose what materials and finishing techniques to use?

We chose our materials with both quality and pricing in mind. We want to create quality pieces which will last and offer them at attainable price. We primarily use sterling silver, 14k gold plating or gold filled in our materials. They are a more affordable alternative to real gold yet can still be worn for years to come with proper care.

Matisse is a common motif in your designs - Do you have a certain connection with the Matisse face?

Matisse & Miro are two of my favorite artists. My father always loved Miro and had a number of his posters in our home. Matisse, I was always naturally drawn to. I believe for both of them it’s their use of shapes, cut-outs and colour.

Do you evolve pieces from previous collections? Or do you start with a clean slate?

We usually do a mix of both. It’s slightly difficult and unsustainable to come out with everything new, I think apart of slow fashion is repeating best sellers and focusing on quality rather than creating trend focused pieces.

What is your favourite New Arrival from ZANE’s F/W selection?

The Magnes ring & the Rose Coin pendant. I just love the fluid shape of the Magnes ring and how comfortable it is. The Rose Coin was inspired by vintage religious pendants and modernized. I wear this guy every day.

Why did you feel like ZANE on West Queen West was the right fit for Wolf Circus in Toronto?

It has always been a dream stockist of mine. Such a strong curation of amazing brands and I believe ours pairs nicely!

What is one of your favourite Canadian contemporary artist?

I’m currently dreaming over Ren Gouin’s pretty artwork.

What are other like-minded Canadian brands that inspire you?

Love The Stowe, Molly’s bags are amazing. Also would consider Jenny Bird as a business inspiration, she’s built such a strong brand and really broken into the US market.


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