ZANE VISITS | côte&ciel

ZANE VISITS | côte&ciel

côte&ciel which means the coast and the sky is a thought-provoking brand founded in Paris, France back in 2008. The concept behind this brand is an exploration through design innovation and delivering products that are synonymous to travel. The disruptive designs begin with a geometric shape without patterns but fold, twist, stitch, fill, reflect and fold again. The organic structure provides protection and stability with a strong backbone.
côte&ciel offers a range of spectacular, functional, and futuristic carry-ons that are super practical for all your travel needs.
Isarau sling


Isarau is inspired by traditional Japanese armor. This cross-functional sling bag is great for your busy city lifestyle. You can wear it across the chest or back and it sits just as well over the shoulder or even at the waist. The Isarau is a spacious bag with enough room to safely accommodate a tablet of up to 9.7” in its main compartment. It’s also got an external zipped pocket and an additional concealed pocket for discreet access to your valuables.


The Obsidian version of Israu is made from water-repellent coated polyester with a tactile rubberized finish. The MemoryTech Isarau is constructed from black MemoryTech, the back from black EcoYarn. The Isarau Alias is made from soft cowhide leather that ebbs and flows with your journey. It also has an understated black and gray woven cotton interior and zips with leather pullers. 


Nile Obsidian Bagpack


The organically shaped Nile rucksack offers a rare and progressive silhouette. Designed by expert craftsmen keeping functionality as the top priority. The freeform shape is designed to sit comfortably against the lower back while providing ample safe storage for your everyday tech with enough space to easily double down as a weekend bag.


Moselle Circular Bag


Moselle’s cutting-edge circular structure is not just fun to wear while you are in transit but the silhouette is super practical. It can be both formal or casual depending on where you want to take it. The MemoryTech fabrication is given the name because of its ability to mold according to touch making it a lightweight, comfortable bag to take with you.

Check out the entire côte&ciel range we carry here!


Cote et ciel Bags



Baggu creates products that are intended to have long, useful lives and are designed to minimize waste all while using sustainable materials. Baggu aligns themselves perfectly with our core values at ZANE, making for a strong in-store experience that just keeps growing. Baggu offers a range of bags from fanny packs, travel weekend bags to sport backpacks that lets you move in comfort. 

 The Standard Baggu

The cult classic standard bag by Baggu was designed in 2007 as a solution to the disposable grocery bag. Designed based on the construction of a plastic shopping bag, but made of  lightweight ripstop nylon, and built to hold 2-3 times as much as the typical grocery bag. The result was a reusable bag that’s not only functional and affordable, but also attractive. These handy reusable bags fits right into your pocket when you don't need them and then pops right back, big enough after a grocery hall.    

 The Cloud Bag

It’s the perfect, lightweight multi-purpose bag to take where ever the wind leads you. This bag will secure your laptop, a change of clothes, and whatever else you choose to stuff in.  

Baggu's Sport Backpack is available for a more hand's free mode of transit. We have scouted for the best color options that'll match your spring aesthetic this season. With two exterior zip pockets, this bag keeps things easily accessible, and an interior sleeve keeps your laptop secure.

The mesh bag is perfect for trips to the beach, water, and sand slip right through so you don't have to run the washer too often.


A set of three reusable bags for your wine bottles, or any bottle that requires a bag of its own. It's a great pick for gift-giving, for your weekend trips, or just an evening picnic. Each bag folds into its own flat pouch, with a keychain loop so it'll never slip away.

The Romantic Story Behind The Galina Collection

The Romantic Story Behind The Galina Collection

BIKO has been a staple at the shop for years now. We’ve always admired the inspirations behind the brand (nature, contemporary art, architecture and travel) and truly fall deeper in love with its hand-crafted designs each season.  

We can see designer Corrine Anestopoulos’ adoration for travel across BIKO, but especially in this collection. Always on the hunt for new sources of inspiration, Corrine collected pebbles from the beaches of Greece on her wedding day. These imperfect water-smoothed pebbles became the basis for the collection, Corrine creating casts out of each unique stone. 


Derived from the Greek word “Galina” meaning ‘calm’ or ‘windless,’ the collection is rooted in comfort, tranquility, and oneness. The result: ultra romantic pieces infused with oneness to our earth. 


Hand-crafted in Toronto, the Galina collection features rings, necklaces, and earrings that are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and durable. The 14K dipped-gold and rhodium-dipped pieces blend stand-out uniqueness with everyday wearability to move with you through the motions of your life.




Anthony Where Are you Off to?


Anthony has got his priorities set straight.

He’s got his trusty ol’ Rains MSN Cargo Bag pack in Slate which is 100% waterproof, with two front cargo pockets and carabiner closures. So we know he is out and about to have an eventful day. 

He is ready to take on, slipping into his super convenient, ultra-soft Rains quilted laptop case finished with soft velvet-like lining, just in case there’s work emergency.

Larsson&Jennings Vivid Polished gold link watch is giving the right amount of subtle elegance that strikes as a contrast to the suave overtone.


Anthony is fully prepped up and in motion heading towards his destination!

Jumping gates?! was not in the itinerary, it is a good thing he’s got his Rains backpack secured on him. He literally has got nothing to worry about.

Anthony jumping gates

And finally we meet Imani, we are going to dissect her fit in the next episode. Be sure to check out the second collection in our new “In Motion” series.

Designer Profile | Valley

Designer Profile | Valley

“A refraction of light, a direction to darkness”     

 | Valley eyewear

                         Valley is about honing your own identity in the sunglasses you wear. We know how it gets super overwhelming picking the trim that best fits your face structure. Valley eyewear is your answer to most of your problems at least most of your sunglass-related problems.

What we find most interesting is Valley’s sheer range - you can get your hands on perky geometrical trims or cop one of their raw aesthetics from the contemporary collection.

Frames that capture understated detailing while holding on to bold silhouettes. 

Valley clocking in at precise iconic sunglasses

Blending into your safe aesthetic with an extensive collection of unisex sunglasses is what makes Valley Eyewear stand out as a reliable sunglass brand. A collector will for sure have, to say the least, a pair of Valley in their cabinet.

Superior quality meets high-fashion standards in cuts making you exude natural confidence and grandeur once you have them on. 


Talk to us about how it began

Valley eyewear was founded in a little garage studio by a sweet couple Michael Crawley and his wife Tenielle back in 2011 somewhere on the east coast of Australia (tbh, not that long ago). The rest is history, the label has pushed limits and has consistently surpassed superior quality standards in making fashion-forward sunglasses and eyewear.

Cut to today, Valley eyewear is huge in the eyewear space - made by hand and quite honestly exceeding most of our expectations in style offerings. This has pressed us to bring Valley eyewear in-store for you to indulge and fall in love. 


Valley eyewear has won us over just purely based on how easy and fun it is to feel confident and make a statement with sophisticated frames that can be attained at affordable price points without going way too overboard. 

It’s Fall going into Winter, why are you talking to me about Sunglasses?

Hey, that’s a fair question but aside from borderline collector obsession, Valley eyewear’s smooth transition to fall trims to cool breezy winter-appropriate frames will have your eyes UV protected. 

It can’t get functional than this but their fashion-forward frames just call out to us as a must-have. 

Valley… or?

There is definitely no shortage of unique pieces but what Valley doubles down on is promising quality. 

We can’t reiterate this enough, but here quality is held up to unmatched standards and Valley gets that. Individually crafted by hand followed by checking against meticulous standards keeps Valley consistent on quality across their collections.

Their frames are made from some of the finest metal like titanium and one-off, scrupulously hand-selected acetates. Valley produces pieces with an alluring sense of authenticity and confidence. 

With high standards in trims coupled with lock-tight screws for longevity, each pair stands the test of time.


When we talk about the meticulous standards we mean it, there is absolutely no leeway around it. Each pair passing through approximately 25 hands for quality assurance. This then leads to careful consideration and critique by an Australian design team. Then finally lands in our store for you to get in touch with your true confidence with Valley’s top-in-class eyewear. 

Valley has you covered when it comes to truly unique and authentic pieces that moulds right in with your personal groove. 

Check out our carefully curated Valley collection here 


Designer Profile | Larsson&Jennings

Designer Profile | Larsson&Jennings

Accurate timekeeping and function 

Larsson&Jennings’s watches are specifically designed to embody bold attributes, empower confidence and strive to last the test of time. 

Effortlessly stylish and designed to create the perfect standard for casual meets classic look - Larsson&Jennings elevates your everyday style and takes you on with ease.

Larrson&Jennings is set out to explore and contest the integrity of design, quality, and value for your buck.

Let’s go back in time

Since 2012, they have been consistent with their overarching brand ideology of exuberating features that tie together bold, minimalistic and classic timeless designs.

Larsson&Jennings combines the best of contemporary Swedish designs, British heritage, and refined craftsmanship.

What’s truly commendable is the unique way in which Larsson&Jennings sublimate iconic designs while not leaving the focus on what’s important - adaptability in all their designs.


What goes behind the making of a tried and true Larsson&Jennings watch?

The novelty of Larsson&Jennings watches transcends their refined aesthetics and fresh designs. Powered by the new movement Larsson&Jennings watches are calibrated to fit into your personal style. Larsson&Jennings as a brand has molded to adapt to the current circumstances. Embodying a holistic approach as a brand towards sustainability.

Over the past two years, they have remodeled their manufacturing to produce watches that are sustainable, vegan-friendly, and eco-friendly. This also extends to Larsson&Jennings packaging. They have moved to 100% recycled packaging - switching to vegan and biodegradable leather.

Larsson&Jennings proactively is working towards being 100% carbon neutral by 2030. We can see this through their actionable steps they have already started incorporating as a brand.

Honestly, for a sustainable future, our planet and animals need all of us to work together in harmony.

What gives Larsson&Jennings the value it deserves?


Larsson&Jennings watches are beautifully handcrafted by diligent craftspersons with hand-dexterity that’s truly commendable. Machine-produced watches don’t exhibit the same quality as opposed to watches that are handcrafted. 


Stainless Steel 

Looping back to being on track to achieve sustainability, Larsson&Jennings veritable watches are made from stainless steel which is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. 

We value the horological craftsmanship that goes behind Larsson&Jennings stainless steel watches. Consistently striving to transform to tangibility, refined designs, and ultimately producing a dreamy watch. 

Vegan Leather 

Leaving no stones unturned, Larsson&Jennings work with PETA-approved vegan leather material that is biodegradable and 100% cruelty-free.


Styling an L&J watch...

A truly versatile unique vision from Stockholm and London that justifies your watch purchase. 

Pushing the opportunities and broadening the creative spectrum Larsson&Jennings facilitates a good layering opportunity. Pair it with your statement necklaces, bracelets, bum bags what have you, a Larsson&Jennings watch is your missing showstopper.  

Offering unisex styles and aesthetics you don’t have to think twice when your eyes land on the perfect L&J watch for your wrist.

Classic designs ranging from subtle pieces to bold statement pieces for every occasion. Made for you to exude self-confidence and candor.




A global brand that supports and prioritizes the environment and community building - making you feel a sense of comfort in knowing that you support a brand that cares and takes on a holistic approach.

Preserving the quality and craftsmanship of each watch is why L&J is flourishing. A piece that can be handed down through generations is a testament to the L&J's timeless and adaptable nature.

The brand that wants to challenge convention and adapt to your personal style. Choose from a wide palette of designs ranging from Boyfriend, Lugano, Norse, Meridian, and Vivid.


Let's talk Quality | Rains

Let's talk Quality | Rains


The fabric is bonded together through ultrasonic welding, ensuring quality and waterproof products. Additionally, all fittings, zippers, and trimmings are designed and produced in materials optimized for wet conditions.


The performative, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating ensures water repellency and a long lifetime. The rubber material has high durability, and with its built-in insulative quality it also has windproof abilities.


The material used is lightweight yet with strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. 


At ZANE we support International brands that align with our values. We believe in the holistic approach towards sustainability that Rains displays in all of its products. 

ZANE’s values stand by the minimalist approach, in that the brand does not believe in overdoing.  As in overdesigning or overproducing excessive quantities to push sales that eventually end their life in landfills. It’s safe to say that any Rains product has a home by holding the product range relevant.

Moreover, none of the Rains products contain hormone-disrupting, hazardous chemicals such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) or phthalates (PVC) that are listed as chemicals to avoid. Rains bags and accessories are self-cleansing which is perfect as we believe in smooth accessibility and proves its efficient functionality. 

For a more holistic overview on Rains check out our designer profile 





Designer Profile | Rains | Autumn Winter 21

Designer Profile | Rains | Autumn Winter 21

Designed for Superior Functionality 


Fall is slowly rolling in although it doesn't seem like it right now, with the off and on showers (often ruining weekend plans).  

With the weather being super snappy it’s a good idea to invest in a trusty bag that potentially shields the one million things we carry around on a day-to-day basis. This is a casual segue into RAINS, today’s brand feature (hope you enjoyed the crafty blend-in).

Get their backstory | Rains

This Danish company is no overnight success, they started with a single SKU. The co-founder Philip Lotko, made it rain gold by having a focused and simple framework for wearable and long-lasting products offered at a fair price in the industry.

"By lighting the way, we are finding our way. Rains has set the direction towards a sustainable future for people and the planet, and we invite you to follow our responsible business behavior on our journey." 


Rains has now grown to a full outerwear and accessories collection.

ZANE is one of the only store with only about 200 retailers globally offering, an assortment of bags and accessories. So, we have knit-picked bucket hats, weekend bags, camp backpacks, box bags, wash bags, laptop cases, and lots more from the RAINS Autumn/Winter collection.

Can’t deny the fact that our fast-paced lives sometimes seem to literally brush past us.

Rains bags are super easy to strap on and hop off for the day. And, you’ve got a variety of shapes and sizes all encapsulating the Rains classic design - lightweight but sturdy with a bonus of being flexible ( yes, this is exactly what you need to look for in bags).

These look cool, but are they androgynous | Fit check

Of course! Whatever you identify as Rains designs and functionality will for sure identify with your style.  

With the focus on sleek design, strong fabrication, and fun updated color palette these bags can easily be styled with your outfit. This season Rains is offering colors that align with both neutral and street style. So the colors have this bold undertone but also maintain a low-profile suave. 

The autumn/winter collection color tones are perfect for styling monochromatic fits - something to get behind, don’t you think? 

Why am I choosing Rains | Reliability

That’s a valid question, before I go off about the durability, quality control, and what have you, you can check out Rains Quality feature.

But you should know, Rains products are made with transitional water-proof material. All of Rains product components comply with the standards of REACH - the European legislation regulating registrations, evaluations, authorizations, and restrictions of chemicals. 

Rains is a 100% vegan brand. None of the raw materials contain animal ingredients or animal by-products.


Jenny Bird's Classic Statement Pieces

Jenny Bird's Classic Statement Pieces

Showcasing few of Jenny Bird's statement pieces for your wardrobe's accessory inspiration. We have carefully picked and curated classic jewelry pieces that will help elevate your ultimate look for the day.
Let’s Talk Quality | Jenny Bird

Let’s Talk Quality | Jenny Bird

We dive deeper into understanding the foundation of Jenny Bird's jewelry to build trust in her products. Getting into the quality and care aspects of the brand for that much needed affirmation.