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Spitfire Sunglasses | I Love Spitfire

Spitfire is an independent, UK based label that design thoughtful eyewear drawing on retro inspiration but ever pushing out into our future world. Crafting metal, acetate and cellulose block acetate frames from a luxurious feel and better sustainability. We are simply put, obsessed with design. We love exploring juxtaposition of opposites | masculinity vs femininity, pretty vs punk, retro vs futuristic, demure vs badass. Spitfire | Embracing all that we are and all that we might want to be.


Shop Spitfire in Canada at ZANE | Free Shipping over $150


Every Pair of Spitfire Sunglasses comes with a Spitfire case and dust cloth. We love collections at ZANE that most styles are genderless. Please come by our Toronto Queen Street West location to try them all on!



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