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ZANE VISITS | côte&ciel

côte&ciel which means the coast and the sky is a thought-provoking brand founded in Paris, France back in 2008. The concept behind this brand is an exploration through design innovation and delivering products that are synonymous to travel. The disruptive designs begin with a geometric shape without patterns but fold, twist, stitch, fill, reflect and fold again. The organic structure provides protection and stability with a strong backbone.
côte&ciel offers a range of spectacular, functional, and futuristic carry-ons that are super practical for all your travel needs.
Isarau sling


Isarau is inspired by traditional Japanese armor. This cross-functional sling bag is great for your busy city lifestyle. You can wear it across the chest or back and it sits just as well over the shoulder or even at the waist. The Isarau is a spacious bag with enough room to safely accommodate a tablet of up to 9.7” in its main compartment. It’s also got an external zipped pocket and an additional concealed pocket for discreet access to your valuables.


The Obsidian version of Israu is made from water-repellent coated polyester with a tactile rubberized finish. The MemoryTech Isarau is constructed from black MemoryTech, the back from black EcoYarn. The Isarau Alias is made from soft cowhide leather that ebbs and flows with your journey. It also has an understated black and gray woven cotton interior and zips with leather pullers. 


Nile Obsidian Bagpack


The organically shaped Nile rucksack offers a rare and progressive silhouette. Designed by expert craftsmen keeping functionality as the top priority. The freeform shape is designed to sit comfortably against the lower back while providing ample safe storage for your everyday tech with enough space to easily double down as a weekend bag.


Moselle Circular Bag


Moselle’s cutting-edge circular structure is not just fun to wear while you are in transit but the silhouette is super practical. It can be both formal or casual depending on where you want to take it. The MemoryTech fabrication is given the name because of its ability to mold according to touch making it a lightweight, comfortable bag to take with you.

Check out the entire côte&ciel range we carry here!


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