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ZANE VISITS | Jenny Bird

Who is “the Queen of the hoop”?

-The Beginning (an excerpt from The Jenny Bird Saga)

Spoiler Alert: It’s Jenny Bird, our all-time favorite bird (sorry but it was right there - Jenny Bird IS gold, you’ll see)

Jenny grew up in rural Ontario without cable TV or even a MALL in her local neighbourhood (yes you read that right). Basically, without any background in fashion, she has successfully built up this empire of her namesake jewelry line.

Growing up, Jenny wasn’t exposed to a lot of fashion. But she definitely was awestruck by one of her aunt’s aesthetics and impeccable taste. Jenny’s aunt would make her staggered appearances and Jenny would always be taken by her personable style. This is really, when she realized the impact a woman's appearance could create.

Jenny is a self-taught designer who draws inspiration continuously from what she calls the “grand reflection”. Fundamentally, we are all sometimes even unconsciously impacted by our shared human experiences from political landscapes to pop culture. This collective pulse is what Jenny calls her “creative fuel” that consistently re-energizes her designs.

Jenny Bird’s vision is of the TODAY and TOMORROW period, no point looking into the past.

We're here for it!

And are super stoked to showcase her collection of classic designs that are effortless and intuitive.


Coming Soon: Some accessory inspo that could potentially be new favourite picks for your nightstand!


Why should I invest in Jenny Bird, what is all the hype about?

-The Journey (an excerpt from The Jenny Bird Saga)

She has definitely risen to the occasion since her inception in 2008 when she started off with handbags first and then diversified into her impeccable namesake jewelry line.

The brand materialized in her little apartment in Toronto back in ‘08.  Since then the brand has quite literally taken off and transformed into this explosive phenomenon - what we know of today as “the queen of the hoops”.

The iconic hoop designs are to die for, she is also known for transforming her classic hoop silhouettes (she knows her hoops, seriously) into one-of-a-kind works of art.

FYI: All of Jenny Bird’s products are sourced and manufactured ethically.

Jenny Bird has a massive cult following from all around the world ( ooOOoo shocker, not) aaandd many of your favorite celebrities have for sure gravitated towards her brand (as they should, don’t you think?). 


Jenny Bird Teeni Toni

At ZANE, we appreciate when brands offer top-notch quality and cutting-edge designs. And you guessed it, that is exactly what Jenny Bird is about. Between blowing up in Hollywood and ensuring optimal quality, Jenny Bird brings a range of affordable pieces that don’t burn your wallet.

Coming Soon: Let's talk about Jenny Bird’s Quality 


We can a hundred percent vouch for Jenny Bird’s durability across all her pieces. They have this amazing light-reflecting shiny finish, which is also tarnish-free, preventing weird discolouration on your skin that generally happens when worn for too long  (irresistible features for sure).

What’s going on now, where is she at (we WANT to know more)? 

Well, Jenny Bird is a proud mother of two and is absolutely killing it in both worlds - fashion and motherhood.

She remains a self-taught entrepreneur with an innate passion for representing her idea of being free-spirited, bold, strong, and approachable through her classic designs.
Jenny Bird Profile Image  

She wants her Bird girlsto feel the Jenny Bird essence in all of her timeless pieces. It’s so amazing that Jenny Bird has also gotten into the spirit of giving back through her creative work. They have been raising funds for Redcross Canada, World Wildlife Fund, and the Pollinator Partnership

Fun Fact: Jenny Bird’s inherently cool and unique designs have led to her winning the title of The Accessory Designer of the Year in 2017 by CAFA.


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