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Let's talk Quality | Rains


The fabric is bonded together through ultrasonic welding, ensuring quality and waterproof products. Additionally, all fittings, zippers, and trimmings are designed and produced in materials optimized for wet conditions.


The performative, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating ensures water repellency and a long lifetime. The rubber material has high durability, and with its built-in insulative quality it also has windproof abilities.


The material used is lightweight yet with strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. 


At ZANE we support International brands that align with our values. We believe in the holistic approach towards sustainability that Rains displays in all of its products. 

ZANE’s values stand by the minimalist approach, in that the brand does not believe in overdoing.  As in overdesigning or overproducing excessive quantities to push sales that eventually end their life in landfills. It’s safe to say that any Rains product has a home by holding the product range relevant.

Moreover, none of the Rains products contain hormone-disrupting, hazardous chemicals such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) or phthalates (PVC) that are listed as chemicals to avoid. Rains bags and accessories are self-cleansing which is perfect as we believe in smooth accessibility and proves its efficient functionality. 

For a more holistic overview on Rains check out our designer profile 





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