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Designer Profile | Larsson&Jennings

Accurate timekeeping and function 

Larsson&Jennings’s watches are specifically designed to embody bold attributes, empower confidence and strive to last the test of time. 

Effortlessly stylish and designed to create the perfect standard for casual meets classic look - Larsson&Jennings elevates your everyday style and takes you on with ease.

Larrson&Jennings is set out to explore and contest the integrity of design, quality, and value for your buck.

Let’s go back in time

Since 2012, they have been consistent with their overarching brand ideology of exuberating features that tie together bold, minimalistic and classic timeless designs.

Larsson&Jennings combines the best of contemporary Swedish designs, British heritage, and refined craftsmanship.

What’s truly commendable is the unique way in which Larsson&Jennings sublimate iconic designs while not leaving the focus on what’s important - adaptability in all their designs.


What goes behind the making of a tried and true Larsson&Jennings watch?

The novelty of Larsson&Jennings watches transcends their refined aesthetics and fresh designs. Powered by the new movement Larsson&Jennings watches are calibrated to fit into your personal style. Larsson&Jennings as a brand has molded to adapt to the current circumstances. Embodying a holistic approach as a brand towards sustainability.

Over the past two years, they have remodeled their manufacturing to produce watches that are sustainable, vegan-friendly, and eco-friendly. This also extends to Larsson&Jennings packaging. They have moved to 100% recycled packaging - switching to vegan and biodegradable leather.

Larsson&Jennings proactively is working towards being 100% carbon neutral by 2030. We can see this through their actionable steps they have already started incorporating as a brand.

Honestly, for a sustainable future, our planet and animals need all of us to work together in harmony.

What gives Larsson&Jennings the value it deserves?


Larsson&Jennings watches are beautifully handcrafted by diligent craftspersons with hand-dexterity that’s truly commendable. Machine-produced watches don’t exhibit the same quality as opposed to watches that are handcrafted. 


Stainless Steel 

Looping back to being on track to achieve sustainability, Larsson&Jennings veritable watches are made from stainless steel which is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. 

We value the horological craftsmanship that goes behind Larsson&Jennings stainless steel watches. Consistently striving to transform to tangibility, refined designs, and ultimately producing a dreamy watch. 

Vegan Leather 

Leaving no stones unturned, Larsson&Jennings work with PETA-approved vegan leather material that is biodegradable and 100% cruelty-free.


Styling an L&J watch...

A truly versatile unique vision from Stockholm and London that justifies your watch purchase. 

Pushing the opportunities and broadening the creative spectrum Larsson&Jennings facilitates a good layering opportunity. Pair it with your statement necklaces, bracelets, bum bags what have you, a Larsson&Jennings watch is your missing showstopper.  

Offering unisex styles and aesthetics you don’t have to think twice when your eyes land on the perfect L&J watch for your wrist.

Classic designs ranging from subtle pieces to bold statement pieces for every occasion. Made for you to exude self-confidence and candor.




A global brand that supports and prioritizes the environment and community building - making you feel a sense of comfort in knowing that you support a brand that cares and takes on a holistic approach.

Preserving the quality and craftsmanship of each watch is why L&J is flourishing. A piece that can be handed down through generations is a testament to the L&J's timeless and adaptable nature.

The brand that wants to challenge convention and adapt to your personal style. Choose from a wide palette of designs ranging from Boyfriend, Lugano, Norse, Meridian, and Vivid.


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