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Designer Profile | Rains | Autumn Winter 21

Designed for Superior Functionality 


Fall is slowly rolling in although it doesn't seem like it right now, with the off and on showers (often ruining weekend plans).  

With the weather being super snappy it’s a good idea to invest in a trusty bag that potentially shields the one million things we carry around on a day-to-day basis. This is a casual segue into RAINS, today’s brand feature (hope you enjoyed the crafty blend-in).

Get their backstory | Rains

This Danish company is no overnight success, they started with a single SKU. The co-founder Philip Lotko, made it rain gold by having a focused and simple framework for wearable and long-lasting products offered at a fair price in the industry.

"By lighting the way, we are finding our way. Rains has set the direction towards a sustainable future for people and the planet, and we invite you to follow our responsible business behavior on our journey." 


Rains has now grown to a full outerwear and accessories collection.

ZANE is one of the only store with only about 200 retailers globally offering, an assortment of bags and accessories. So, we have knit-picked bucket hats, weekend bags, camp backpacks, box bags, wash bags, laptop cases, and lots more from the RAINS Autumn/Winter collection.

Can’t deny the fact that our fast-paced lives sometimes seem to literally brush past us.

Rains bags are super easy to strap on and hop off for the day. And, you’ve got a variety of shapes and sizes all encapsulating the Rains classic design - lightweight but sturdy with a bonus of being flexible ( yes, this is exactly what you need to look for in bags).

These look cool, but are they androgynous | Fit check

Of course! Whatever you identify as Rains designs and functionality will for sure identify with your style.  

With the focus on sleek design, strong fabrication, and fun updated color palette these bags can easily be styled with your outfit. This season Rains is offering colors that align with both neutral and street style. So the colors have this bold undertone but also maintain a low-profile suave. 

The autumn/winter collection color tones are perfect for styling monochromatic fits - something to get behind, don’t you think? 

Why am I choosing Rains | Reliability

That’s a valid question, before I go off about the durability, quality control, and what have you, you can check out Rains Quality feature.

But you should know, Rains products are made with transitional water-proof material. All of Rains product components comply with the standards of REACH - the European legislation regulating registrations, evaluations, authorizations, and restrictions of chemicals. 

Rains is a 100% vegan brand. None of the raw materials contain animal ingredients or animal by-products.


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